History of the group of companies under the name of "Baikal Minerals" began with the founding of "Baikalruda" in 1946, when started the development of Onotsky talc deposit, the only talk deposit in Russia containing the minimum amount of impurities of other ores (talc-steatite). In 1995, it was decided to build a modern factory under the name of "Baikal Minerals" near Irkutsk for the chopping talc ore production.
    In 2002 the company launched its own brand of microtalks - "TALKON," which received high acceptance by the customers. This grade is not once tested and probed on many domestic and foreign industrial facilities and research centers. Objective conclusions derived from these tests allowed to form a variety of products, combining the mineralogical and chemical component of certain grades of ore with a carefully verified grading MICROTALC for each industry segment.